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Let's talk about custom-made clothing or store bought clothing?  Let's decide; Never want to see someone with your outfit at the same event?  Tired of clothes that do not fit.  Jackets too big or too small, skirts too long in the front and too short in the back.  Pants that do not fit at all, gaps at the waist, crotch too long, zipper too short, length never correct.  Dresses - no comment.  Blouses, if you find some they are too snug at bust point and usually too short.  All of these issues and many more can be resolved by having your clothes custom made.  Too expensive?  No, think about how many clothes in your closet that do not fit and you do not wear.  Also, how long does inexpensive clothing last, before you need to replace it.  Let's talk about a change in perspective, let's talk about custom-made clothing. 

  I specialize in Custom Dressmaking which includes Business/Career Wear, Bridal (Bride, Groom, Veils, and Wedding part), Evening Wear, Alterations (Women and Men) and I also offer custom hand-crafted jewelry.  My clients have distinctive style, that requires attention to details with precision in fit and construction.  The result is an exquisitely made garment/jewelry that will continue to be fashionable and admired for years to come

"When your vision can not be found, let's create it."

Demetra (Duchess) Rowan

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